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Adventure 1 Session 1
All Ready a Dragon

PC Present: Cordus, Sarren, Hars, Andolowin, arriving late Stil and Sven. Nienna made a cinematic appearance.

The party made its way north towards Winterhaven, in the footsteps of Nienna who could not bother to wait for the rest of them to finish their last assignment. Roughly 10 days out from Winterhaven the party find Nienna’s prized flute partially buried along the side of the road. Andolowin and Cordus find some dragon-kind tracks leading into the woods.

A short ways into the woods the party find the ruins of a stone building. Andolowin and Hars hear a conversation coming from the building in a language they cannot understand (Dragconic). Cordus helps Hars to the roof where through a hole and sees a beat up Nienna speaking with a white dragon. Sarren quietly opens the door to the ruins, Andolowin sneaks around the side of the ruins entering through a hole in the wall. The rest of the party enters through the door.

Seeing the party enter Nienna changes to common to let the party know she is aware of them. Cordus clomps in the hallway as a diversion, which spooks the dragon to breath on Nienna knocking her out. A battle ensues where the party swarmed the dragon after the dragon charged up to engage Hars. Andolowin stabilized Nienna before engaging the dragon from behind. Avandra had blessed the part this day, causing most of the dragon’s attacks miss and the party rarely failed to hit. Even with this divine boon, Sarren was thrown across the ruin and was almost killed, Cordus, Hars and Stil were also severely wounded. The rest of the members also suffered injuries from the dragon as well. At the end the dragon knew it was defeated and tried to run but Stil was able to bring the beast down.

After the battle Andolowin tended to all the parties wounds and Cordus took prizes for all from the dragon as well as skinned the beast as the party rested over night.

The party gained:
Hide from one young adult white dragon
One talon and tooth for each party member

EP Earned: 125 each


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